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Farmshelf Business FAQ

What is Farmshelf?

Farmshelf makes it easy to grow produce where you live, work and eat. Our bookcase-sized farms are small enough to fit into a restaurant and powerful enough to provide pounds of fresh produce every week.

Is Farmshelf available for homes?

Yes! Farmshelf Home will begin shipping in 2022. Click here to explore Farmshelf Home.

Where is Farmshelf Business available?

Farmshelf Business is currently available for operation in the following markets: New York, Washington D.C., Austin, and Houston. Not available where you are? Email grow@farmshelf.com to speak with a sales representative.

How long does it take plants to grow?

Farmshelf takes you from seed to full plant maturity in four weeks. Most crops will continue to regrow weekly after each harvest. Visit our Crop Guide to see what you can grow!

Does Farmshelf come in multiple sizes?

Farmshelf Business is available in one size only and is currently available for commercial and educational use. Each Farmshelf Business is 78.25” tall, 50” wide, 26.5” deep, and is glass on both sides. Our Farmshelf Home will be available in 2022 and is 74" tall, 40" wide, 20" deep–click here to explore Farmshelf Home.

Is Farmshelf sustainable?

Farmshelf eliminates food waste and plastic packaging; you are growing and harvesting just what you need and using the produce where you are. Plus, while most fresh food is shipped across the country (in the US food travels an average of 1,500 miles), Farmshelf reduces the distance traveled from miles to feet. Farmshelf is a closed-loop hydroponic system that uses 90% less water than conventional farming. Each unit plugs into a standard wall outlet and uses custom, efficient LED lights. 

Still have questions?

Contact farmer@farmshelf.com for general questions or grow@farmshelf.com for sales inquiries.