Growing Food Made Easy

Each Farmshelf is designed for beautiful indoor spaces, including restaurants, food halls and corporate cafeterias.  Refrigerator-sized, modular and mobile, our Farmshelf allows you to grow fresh and nutritious produce where you are.


Plug n' Play

Plug your Farmshelf into a standard wall outlet and let the system do the work for you. We provide you everything you need to grow - including seeds, grow medium, and fertilizer.


Choose from over 50 scrumptious crops to grow in your Farmshelf.


Our custom LEDs and advanced nutrient systems ensure your system grows plants 2-3x faster and with 90% less water faster than traditional agriculture.


Our mobile app monitors nutrients and pH in real-time to ensure the best plant growth possible.


Get notifications on your device when your produce is ready to harvest.


What we Grow

We offer over 50 mouth-watering leafy greens, herbs and microgreens;

Red Oak lettuce, Mustard microgreens, Thai Basil, Nasturtium - just to name a few.