We are Farmshelf -
Your personal farm.

At Farmshelf, we build smart indoor farms for restaurants and hotels that make farming simple. Most people don’t have the time, space or the expertise to grow their own food. We make it easy to grow fresh, delicious food year-round -- in rain, snow or sleet -- right under your own roof.




We turn food miles into food feet. Our mini farms produce fresh crops right in your establishment. It doesn’t get more local than that.



We make it easy to be a farmer and grow your own food. Each Farmshelf is plug and play, allowing you to sit back and relax as you watch your plants grow.



We offer more than 50 mouth-watering leafy greens, herbs and edible flowers - many of which are hard-to-source specialty crops you won't find in stores.



"In a complex, growing world of hydroponics and vertical farms, Farmshelf stands out as a model for concept and potential scalability. We are excited to partner with Farmshelf!"

— Bennet Haynes, Chief of Produce at Think Food Group