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Farmshelf started by helping the best chefs in the world grow produce in their restaurants. Now you can do the same in your home, year round.


Smart Indoor Farm

Our automated hydroponic system makes the hard parts of growing plants easy.

  • Grow Cherry Tomatoes, Leafy Greens, Herbs, Edible Flowers and Microgreens
  • Water and nutrients are automatically delivered to your plants from a built-in water tank, giving your crops exactly what they need to grow
  • A controlled environment with custom LED lights optimizes plant growth
  • The Farmshelf App acts as your “green thumb in the cloud,” remotely monitoring the plants with cameras and sensors
  • Our elegant design showcases the plants, seamlessly integrating into your space


Enjoy produce that tastes like nothing you’ve had before. When the farm is in your home, the flavor is awe-inspiring.



Experience the excitement of growing, harvesting, and cooking fresh produce with your family, friends, and loved ones



Find adventure with recipes that feature tastes from around the globe

Have questions? We have answers.

What crops can I grow?

Farmshelf Home will offer a variety of leafy greens, herbs, edible flowers, microgreens, and cherry tomatoes. See what we’re offering now.

How do I start growing?

There’s a monthly subscription which includes unlimited seed pods, nutrients, and Farmcloud remote monitoring.