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Pre-Order Farmshelf Home


Fully refundable $100 deposit
Shipping begins Spring 2021
Exclusive pre-order price $4,950
$138/mo financing option*
Choose to pay one-time or monthly when unit ships. *Subject to approval.

You will receive your Farmshelf in the order that we receive your pre-order confirmation. At this time you can decide to pay the full pre-order price or begin monthly financing payments (financing payments subject to change). The pre-order deposit will be applied to the balance owed on the final price, plus applicable taxes and shipping fees. Payment will be charged to your credit card at the time of shipment. We will communicate with you via email one month prior to sending your Farmshelf to collect any updated information.

You may cancel your pre-order commitment at any time by contacting us at preorders@farmshelf.com. We will process your cancellation and refund you the full deposit amount to your credit card.  Keep in mind there is a very limited number of home models available and canceling will lose your place in line for shipment date at time of pre-order.

Your Farmshelf will come fully assembled and ready to grow.  Once you receive your Farmshelf, we will begin the process of a $35.00 monthly subscription fee.  This includes everything you need to grow: seed pods, nutrients, and access to Farmshelf app remote monitoring.

For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions.